Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Benjamin met the Easter Bunny at the library's annual Easter Egg Hunt this morning...we sat patiently through the stories about bunnies, eggs, and Easter; then the library employees explained that we would be "hunting" eggs upstairs. Whoosh! The bigger kids (my guess is that there were about 40+ kids there) raced up the stairs...Benjamin and I, along with Tanya, Matthew, Leigh Erin and Ella took our time heading to the second floor...when we started getting close, Benjamin (feeling the excitement?) started to run, never letting go of his basket. It was super cute!
As we walked into the room, this is what we saw....
Eggs and candy everywhere!!! How exciting! We "hunted" and found three plastic eggs and a chocolate egg (mmm Butterfinger). We also met the Easter Bunny - at first Benjamin was cautious...who is this white, furry creature? He gave her the death stare - which he has perfected after 15 months.
Oh...she has eggs with candy...ok, I like the Easter Bunny.
We took a few shots outside as we were walking to the car....Benjamin likes to pick flowers and bring them to me (so sweet!)...
So as he picked a pretty pink flower and started coming toward me, I he walked
right past me and gave that flower to Tanya.

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