Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dribble, dribble, shoot!

Benjamin swinging in our backyard...weee!
Ben and his Aunt Duby having a snuggle before they left

Chasing bubbles

PawPaw Tony and Aunt Duby laughing as Benjamin tried to catch the bubbles

Today we had a nice visit from our PawPaw Tony and Aunt Duby. They came bearing gifts (early Easter basket!!) and goodies for Benjamin - he was soo excited! After a yummy lunch at Dairy Barn (Benjamin was scared of the cows this time...he would cry and moo every time he saw one) we headed to the park to play. After the park we came home to see Gracie and play in the backyard. Recently Benjamin became aware that we have a basketball goal in our that he cannot reach. So...after holding the ball up to the goal and jumping and fussing and looking downright pitiful b/c he could not reach it, Aunt Duby said, "that's it - we are going to get that poor baby a basketball goal!" (Just a quick disclaimer for those who do not know that this poor baby has TWO playgrounds in his backyard!!!) So it was off to Toys_R_Us - Once we set up the goal and gave Ben the ball, he knew exactly what to do - he LOVES shooting the ball in his new goal! Thanks Aunt Duby and PawPaw for the great visit and a BIG thanks to Aunt Duby for spoiling Benjamin rotten!!!

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