Friday, March 12, 2010

Cake Pops - Take 1

So I thought I would make those yummy looking cake pops that I see in everyone's blog...should be easy, right? For those of you that know me well, I do not typically follow instructions or a recipe too closely (as Emily would say, "I can't be bothered by that stuff"). now know why my post is titled "Take 1" and how this will go. I made the cake easily enough...simple stuff. I mixed the cake in a big bowl with some yummy cream cheese icing...still on a roll. I mix and mix until everything is very sticky (I had a friend give me a hint before I tried the cake pops -- make sure they are really sticky --> check). I scoop out handfuls of sticky cake and roll it into a ball, plop on a pan layered with wax paper and stick in the fridge. More than an hour later I check on my balls...they look ok to me. I stick my sticks into the balls, stick tray back in the fridge. Hours later, I am ready to dip. I have melted chocolate and melted icing in bowls. I grab a stick and try to lift my pop off the tray...PLOP! Next time I will make smaller balls. So the dipping process was interesting and very messy. I did complete my overall mission, though, which was dessert --- they were yummy!!! I will post "Take 2" at a later date - I always learn from my baking mistakes.

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  1. I've got some helpful tips for the next time you make them. Yours tasted GREAT! Gianna ate hers with a spoon (since Mommy inadvertantly left them in the car during supper out with my parents.)