Friday, December 31, 2010

All About Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Benjamin was so much fun; Seth and I watched him run around and around opening presents Christmas morning...he could not stay still! He quickly fell in LOVE with his racetrack, and pretty much spent the entire morning playing with it. Choo-choo trains!
Race Track!!

racing trains and playing with cars
playing outside Christmas morning
After Ben had a nap on Christmas day, we went to Seth's mom and dad's house for more Christmas fun...
opening a present at GranC and Papa Scott's house
The morning after Christmas, we celebrated with my MOm (Ben's Nana), Emily and Jason, and Virginia and Owen
playing with the garage Nana got for Benjamin
present extravaganza...Virginia, Benjamin and O-Man opening presents with Uncle Jason...Grandpa Stan watching
Virginia and Benjamin "cutting" fruit
Later that afternoon, we all went to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy's house for my extended family Christmas
giggling with Chelsea
Jenny and Owen
Mommy looking alot like Santa!!
Benjamin giving PawPaw Tony a hug and kiss (Paw Paw Tony gave each grandbaby a very special gift...he recorded "On the Day You Were Born" for each child, so that Paw Paw can read to them each sweet!!)
Daddy showing his "Tickle Monster" gloves
Group shot of my cousins...Cheese!

We also got to celebrate Christmas with Benjamin's Aunt Scotty when we went to New Orleans last week!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Benjamin Turns Two!!

Outside Cajun Cafe...ready for a birthday lunch with friends
Ella guarding the cupcakes!
unwrapping a present with Daddy
Pushing a new shopping cart!!
Enjoying his 2nd cupcake of the day...

Today my sweet baby boy turns TWO!!! It is amazing to look back two years ago at this time...when our lives were so different. Benjamin has brought soo much JOY to our family - Seth and I have marveled at his achievements so far...and every time he does something new, we are so proud! I imagine this will continue throughout his life. Just so we can remember Benjamin at TWO (because he is a different little boy every month or so), here are some of his milestones/favorite things, etc...
He is OBSESSED with cars, trucks, tractors and trains and he wants to "race" all day
He is sweet, sweet and knows how to get Mommy to melt --> flash that snaggle tooth smile!
He loves oatmeal, juice, Wheat Thins, M&M's, peanut butter, grilled cheese, Mexican food, and yogurt
He is getting more and more adventurous - going down the BIG tunnel slide and trying new things he was too cautious to do before now --> he usually prefaces this by saying, "watch this Mommy!"
He still sleeps very well - 2+ hour nap and 12 hours at night...every day, every night
He loves his Allie and Lemonade, his two stuffed animals...and is still using his paci for bedtime
He has an extensive vocabulary...and he is saying full sentences with 5 or more words together regularly
He still loves to read books and is beginning to enjoy watching videos (Dora is his fav)
He enjoys spending time with his friends - and he remembers who we are supposed to meet that day even if I told him the night before
I will post his stats after we have his 2 year well baby appointment...but if I had to guess, I would say he is over 33 inches tall and 32+ pounds.
Happy Birthday, my beautiful big boy!! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

This morning we went to Ella's house to decorate gingerbread houses...we got there a little early, so Ben and I had a little photo shoot in the front yard.

I love this picture, because Ben is sooo sweet and silly (and his teeth make me want to eat him!)
throwing leaves in the air, never dropping Allie, the alligator
all set...ready to decorate!
diligently putting candy on the roof, while sneaking peppermints while Mommy is not looking
Matthew and Tanya

the final product...finished by Mommy, because Benjamin and Matthew got bored halfway through...Boys! Ella worked on her house until it was completed.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Twas the week before Christmas...

This past week was a great one!! Benjamin had his Christmas party at his "school", which was sooo cute, and we enjoyed a nice visit from Benjamin's Aunt Malinda and Grandma Gin. We are also looking forward to closing on our house in New Orleans this coming week (we are praying it will be before Christmas)...just in time to get a bit of work done on it before Mary Elizabeth arrives. I am excited about girl's night tomorrow and making gingerbread houses with Ben and his friends this upcoming week...AND...we will get to see Seth for Ben's birthday on the 23rd!!
Enjoying an ice cream cone at McDonald's this morning after church (don't judge...we had apples and milk instead of fries and juice)
Teasing poor Gracie with a big bone...Grace is such a sport. Every morning Ben gets two little milk bones to give to Gracie, and he makes her work for her treats!! Usually he wants her to "chase" him...which Gracie does with a bored look on her face.
Finally, Grace gets her bone!!
unwrapping a book at school Christmas party
enjoying a mini cupcakes with Ben's friends at school
having a snuggle with Grandma Gin
reading with Aunt Malinda

Benjamin and I are enjoying our time together before our new baby girl is born...I am just now realizing that our lives will not be the same once Mary Elizabeth arrives. I am trying to soak up all the love, hugs, kisses and snuggles I can with my sweet, snaggle-tooth boy!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Benjamin's 2nd Birthday Party

Four generations on both sides were here to celebrate Benjamin!!

My sweet baby boy will turn two right before Christmas, and we celebrated his birthday this past weekend at the Children's Museum. Early Saturday morning we talked about his fire truck birthday party and all his friends and family that were coming; he was sooo excited! The party was so much fun...for Benjamin AND me and Seth!! He played and played in the "fire truck room", sliding down the pole, swinging on the rope, etc....After food, cake and a good effort at unwrapping presents, we watched the choo choo train for almost 30 minutes!!! Thanks to all our friends and family that came to make Ben's 2nd birthday so special!