Friday, November 26, 2010


Benjamin's Nana came to visit the week before Thanksgiving so that I could go to NEW YORK with my friend, Leigh Erin!! The Big Apple was beautiful....chilly (but not freezing) ans bustling with people preparing for the holidays. My main goal in NYC was to see Broadway shows..which we accomplished!! Chicago and West Side Story were both wonderful (WSS was my fav!)...and TKTS lets pregnant women go to the head of the line (which was such a big deal since the line was usually 2-3 hours long!). We shopped, ate and walked tons...and after 4 days I was ready to get home to see my sweet baby boy!!! The next day Seth came home from Grand Isle and our family was back together in time for Thanksgiving...We had coffee that morning with my mom, Emily and J, and Owen and Virginia at Jason's Mom's house - the kids had a blast playing together - cousins are so much fun!! Then after a yummy lunch at Seth's family's house, we got Benjamin home for a nap. After naptime, we went back to the Comeaux's to watch the Saints play (Who Dat!). Ben laughed and jumped and spun and chased his cousins around and around...then they all sat down with popcorn to watch Veggie Tales and it was quiet for about 20 minutes...aahhh! What a great Thanksgiving!!! We are very, very blessed!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Big Red Car

Lately Benjamin and I have been taking walks around our block with his big red car...he refuses to ride; he wants to push (which is scary b/c he is faster than me now that I am so big!). We have been learning street safety - stop when a car is coming and at every intersection, look both ways before you cross the street, slow down when the sidewalk drop-off is steep, etc... Today I wanted to just catch a cute clip for Seth, since I LOVE that turtle hat he is wearing and Seth has not seen just how fast my sweet little baby can go.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Benjamin and I had a great weekend...Friday night I got a babysitter and went for a birthday dinner with some friends at Kyoto (yummy!!). Thanks for all the birthday wishes - I had a great week!! My mom, Benjamin and I hung out on Saturday with Owen and Virginia (watching the Tigers win!) - Benjamin and I went to Mass this morning, (made it through the ENTIRE Mass without having to go to the cry room!!! My baby is growing up!) and we had a great time walking around the neighborhood with his red car this afternoon. I know I am totally prejudiced, but Benjamin has gotta be the cutest kid in town!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick - or - Treat

Happy Halloween! We had such a nice time trick or treating with our friends, Ella the Apple and Matthew the Puppy Dog in Holly Hill this year. We put all three kids in a wagon and pulled them all over. At first Benjamin was a little shy about actually walking up to a stranger...but as soon as he figured out that they put candy in his pumpkin, he was a seasoned pro! He told anyone who would listen, "Trick or Treat!" He even went trick or treating in his poor little friends' buckets (sounds like his mommy!)!

my little giraffe
Tanya, Ella and Matthew
Benjamin and his friends ready to go
sweet little brown nose!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


This past Friday night Seth brought Benjamin to Sesame Street Live to see Elmo (the only character that he knows)...we had three tickets, but with my "pox" I wasn't about to venture into an area full of kids...even though I was not contagious anymore at this point. Anyway, Seth said Benjamin had a great time!! He sat and stared with a look of awe the entire show!!! Here are some shots Seth took with his phone that night.