Thursday, July 16, 2009

Aunt Mary, I love you....

OK - we went to BR today to bring mom to pick up her car (which was at TMark's since this past weekend). Jenny, Aunt Mary, Benjamin, and Mom rode in my car - we met Emily, Virginia, Chelsea, Owen, Aunt Duby and TMark in BR for lunch and shopping. On the way home, we swapped Emily (Mom for Chelsea). Here is a little video I know you will think is very funny...Ben was playing with Aunt Mary on the way home...the second video is Ben dancing with his daddy once we got home.

Aunt Mary, please don't get mad...Jenny said it would be ok.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Cabins on Toledo Bend Lake

The Washington Family at Toledo Bend Lake
Benjamin smiling and playing with Baby Owen...very sweet!

Floating in the lake....

What time is it? 2:45 am...Are we there yet? Almost.

Seth, Ben and I got to Toledo around 3 am Friday night (er, Saturday morning) after driving from Baton Rouge. Kaylyn got married at 7 pm in BR (pictures and write up to come), and then we hopped in the car to head for my family vacation on Toledo Bend Lake in Hemphill, Texas.

We had a great time - the weather was nice (and HOT), and our whole family was there...The Lee's (Aunt Mary, Uncle Tommy, Pop, Jaime, Jared, James AND our long lost cousin Jenny home from Alaska!), The Pearce's (Aunt Duby, Uncle Mark, T-Mark, and Chelsea), Paw-Paw and Mrs. Betty and our family (Emily, Jason, Virginia, Owen, me, Seth, Ben and mom). We swam in the pool with the kids, floated in the lake, went tubing, fishing, played card games and board games, made homeade ice cream, and BBQ'ed. Our game of ultimate frisbee (after dark) was lots of fun - we were running all around, sweating, breathing hard (most of us except the Lee family, of course) and knocking down bird houses (geaux Uncle Mark!). Ben took his first boat ride, and he fussed the whole time because his daddy shoved him into a life jacket (that's the law). He did, however, enjoy just floating in the lake with his daddy and kayaking back to shore with his mommy.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

Yesterday we were busy, busy for the 4th. Aunt Mary called early in the morning to invite herself and the Lee gang over to swim and BBQ...of course, we said "yes"! Uncle Tommy asked her, "Why do we have to bring the meat if we are going to Sarah's house for a BBQ?"...Aunt Mary told him, "cause she didn't invite us...we invited ourselves!". We love the Lee's and had a great time! After they left, we went to Jack Garcille's 1st birthday was HOT outside. The kids had fun playing in the sprinkler, etc...and Ben fell asleep on my lap while Jack's birthday presents were being opened (right in the middle of the action!).
Finally, at 9 pm, we woke Ben up and drove to the Reiser's wharf to watch the fireworks - they were great! Ben was fascinated, but VERY serious (he never even cracked a smile the entire time!). He did laugh and sing the whole way home, so we figured he enjoyed the display (or he was delirious?).

Friday, July 3, 2009

Making salsa, salsa, salsa in A-town

Ben and Abby getting to know each other
Auntie M and Ben cooking salsa, salsa, salsa

Ben and I went to Alexandria to make salsa at Aunt Duby and Uncle Mark's house this week. We had a great time (I loved tasting each batch to make sure it was "just right"), and Ben loved all of the attention he got from Chelsea (who he thought was the prettiest girl in the house), Auntie M, Aunt Doooby, Uncle Mark, Paw Paw and Grandma Betty. He also got a kick out of the kitty cat, Abby, that now lives at the Pearce house. Both Abby and Ben were careful and played with each other in a "soft, soft" way.

Aunt Duby and Ben chillin on the patio after breakfast

Making salsa is easy...once all of the prep work is done - you have to dice onions, bell peppers, jalepenos, and tomotoes (once they are blanched and peeled). Mmmmm, my mouth waters just thinking about it.