Sunday, March 28, 2010

Just Hangin' Around

We enjoyed a wonderful weekend just hangin' around....It starts by getting Daddy to hang Benjamin from the monkey bars...then let go!
Still hangin on!!!! Benjamin was laughing and looking around to make sure all of the other kids were watching.
Still have a good grip, but starting to get tired
PLOP!!! Benjamin landed (on his feet while his Daddy scrambled trying to catch him) on the ground in a happy mess.

Before we brought Benjamin to the park, we met up with some friends at their church carnival...Benjamin enjoyed a train ride and his very first ride on a horse (miniature pony) - even though I could tell he was nervous at first, he seemed to enjoy himself, he was all smiles when he came around the circle.

Benjamin enjoyed a snuggle from Ella at the carnival - it looked sweet at first, but they both ended up in a heap on the ground crying??! The crying stopped almost immediately as they saw the YUMMY cheesecake brownies from Vee's Bakery! Don't worry, Mommy shared with Benjamin!

As I am trying to write this (before my 5 pm soccer game), Seth and Ben are attempting to nap....more like Seth is attempting and Benjamin is doing everything in his power to keep Seth awake...singing, talking, dancing, jumping, name it! I guess Daddy will not be napping with Benjamin anymore! Wish me luck at my game!!

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