Sunday, November 29, 2009

All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth...

OK, it's official - we have two teeth!!! They are on the bottom in the front, and if you look very closely you can see the little tips coming up.
On a different note, we went to the Christmas Tree Farm in Grant, LA today to pick out and cut down our tree. Gracie and Benjamin both had a lovely time...Ben is pointing at everything now; the trees, the dogs roaming the farm, goats, donkeys, people, etc...and Gracie was sniffing everything for him to make sure it was ok to get closer - they were a great team! Together we picked out a beautiful Leland Cypress, and I cannot wait to get it decorated!!
Can you see the two teeth??
Benjamin and Daddy examining trees
Mommy and Benjamin - we think we've found it!
Family shot minus Seth (the photographer)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Remember Nguyen Sale

Just thought I would pass along this information...Remember Nguyen ( is having an excellent sale this week and weekend...30% off tomorrow, 40% Thursday, and 50% Friday and the weekend of ALL items, including clearance. You could get a jon jon or a bishop dress for less than $10 in some cases. I have ordered from them before, and have been very pleased. If anyone wants to combine their order with mine to keep shipping down (free shipping for all orders over $150), let me know. I will probably order first thing Friday.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


This weekend we brought Benjamin to Mistletoe and Moss to have Cookies with Santa. We had a very nice time - Seth and I brought our video recorder to capture Ben's first look at Santa, but as we pushed the power button and waited...nothing happened. Oh no!! You have to charge it every now and then - I think it is written somewhere on the box or instructions that we promptly discarded as soon as we opened it. Rats...we are going to miss this big event. Have no fear, Blair is here!!! We sat by Blair Moses Tadlock and her beautiful baby boy who happened to have a very nice (charged) camera. Here are the pictures of Benjamin with Santa, courtesy of Mrs. Tadlock (thanks Blair!). Benjamin was very fascinated by Santa's beard and glasses...but no smile, not even a smirk.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Playground Fun...Weeeee!!!

This weekend Emily, my mom and the kids came into town to visit. We are soo blessed - I was thinking about it in church this morning as Benjamin was struggling to get out of my grasp, Owen was smiling at his mommy, and Virginia and my mom were coloring and eating yogurt melts (hey, whatever works!) - we have three beautiful, healthy babies who are happy. Can't beat that! God is GREAT!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

29 and Holding....

Ben crawling through the tunnel at the park
Gianna and Ben playing in the tunnel

Yesterday I turned 29....I never really thought about age until I started to creep towards 30. I decided that the next few years, I will turn "29" again and try to hold off on thirty as long as possible. Don't tell anyone, ok?!

Anyway, I had a fabulous birthday day - I awoke to my sweet baby boy clapping his hands and hitting me on the arm trying to wake me 5:30 AM!!! Seth was great -- he took Benjamin, and they brought me breakfast, coffee, flowers and a very cool card in bed (I got to sleep until 8 AM!!!). I spent the morning playing with Benjamin, then met Seth for lunch...After that, we had a play date at the park with Gianna and John Paul - so fun!! Benjamin loved the bark/mulch and watching the "bigger" kids slide and run won't be long until he will be doing those same things! I worked for a few hours in the afternoon (they had a birthday party for me at work complete with cake, brownies and presents - FUN!!), then had dinner with friends last night. I also had tons of calls and emails and facebook messages of Happy Birthday! What a great, fun-filled day to turn 29!! Thanks everyone for making my day so special!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Monkey!!!

Here are a few pics of Ben in his Halloween costume...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Football Game, Tunica Hills and Pictures

Me, Emily and Baby Owen at Tunica Hills
Ben and his daddy on the hike
Aunt Emily tickling Benjamin
Benjamin, sleepy at the LSU game (we left at halftime)
Me and Benjamin in Death Valley
Nana, Benjamin and me, pregame
Sneak peek of Ben's cute!

Seth, Ben and I went to Baton Rouge for the Tulane game this mom was planning on babysitting Benjamin, but we had a few extra tickets. I objected at first to bringing Ben to the is noisy, crowded, loud, late, cold, etc...but Seth was pretty firm - he wanted Ben to experience Tiger Stadium (and my mom really wanted to go to a game too!). So we bundled up and headed to the stadium. Ben LOVED it! He was clapping, making the "touchdown" with his arms and laughing. Our first big game was a success (and a win!)...Geaux Tigers!
The next day (Sunday) we went hiking in Tunica Hills at Clark Creek with Emily, Jason, the kids, my cousin T-Mark and his friend Jessica. We had two big riding backpacks (for Ben and Virginia) and a Baby Bjorn for Owen, not to mention two regular backpacks for lunch, water, etc...We were prepared for anything! The hike was lovely (if you have not been to Tunica Hills, check it out -- it is a little piece of heaven right outside of Louisiana, in Mississippi), and Virginia and Benjamin loved playing in the waterfalls (there are six on the trial we took).
Finally, I drove to Mandeville to spend a few days with mom and for Benjamin to take his 1 year old pictures (a little early, I know). We met my sister's friend, Sherie, at Fountainview Park for pictures - Ben did great, and I cannot wait to see the results! Here is a sneak peek Sherie sent me today.