Thursday, February 25, 2010


I took this video early this morning of Benjamin...he was so funny right before, so I grabbed the recorder and tried to capture it. Although he wasn't "marching" (something we learned being captive the last few days), he was very silly for the camera. He is now 14 months old (as of Tuesday), and he surprises me each day with the things he understands, or remembers. It is amazing to watch him develop, grow and learn right before my eyes. He LOVES stickers, Gracie our puppy dog and chicken nuggets (probably in that order)...He is saying Gracie, ball, balloon, mama (very rarely), daddy (all the time), no, bye-bye, jack, all done, truck, vroom, that, cracker, chicken (i think?), lolly (as in pop), sssss (for snake sound), and choo choo (train noise, although it doesn't sound like choo choo).

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stuck Inside

I have been without a car for 6 weekdays now (we had trouble on the way home from New Orleans last Monday) and I am over it...I am tired of being stuck at home with Benjamin. There is nothing wrong with staying home (even though Ben and I have always been on the go), but there is something very depressing about not having a choice about staying home. Ben and I have been creative - we have walked and walked in our neighborhood, played with Gracie continuously, rode in our car, had a few visits fro friends, walked a LONG way to the park and back...and I am out of ideas. It is too cold to go outside today, so we are stuck. Poor Ben goes to the front door, points outside, I say, "we can't go outside, it is too cold", and then he proceeds to pitch a small fit and cry -- then an hour later, replay. Please oh please fix my car today!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Fun Under the Big Top

Friday afternoon we took Benjamin to the circus....a smaller family run circus (Gatti) came to the Civic Center for the weekend. Benjamin really seemed to like the elephants, motorcycle on the tightrope, puppy dogs (it was a smaller budget circus), and beautiful costumes of all the performers.
On Saturday afternoon, I left Benjamin overnight (with his daddy) for the very first time since he has been born. I went to Baton Rouge for a Ladies' Poker Night - it has been so long since I have been able to go to one and spend time with my Baton Rouge friends, b/c I couldn't/wouldn't leave Ben. I had a very nice time in Baton Rouge...laughed the hardest I have in many, many months!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sew Done

I have been sewing alot lately...and pretty much the only thing I can do is a straight line; so I took my one skill and started making burp cloths (they are sew easy!). It seems as if everyone I know is having a baby right now (or in the last few months), so I have been busy, busy! I am in the final stretch this week - finishing up on some cloths for a friend who is having twins (one boy, one girl) and some t-shirts (I usually do the letter of the kid's first name), when I get a wild hair....why not make a tutu? I know that my sister has made one and so has Kales, so why can't I? We have a birthday party this weekend for a 2 year old little girl, so I decided to make an LSU tutu. It was surprisingly easier than I thought!! Although there are some things I will tweak for next time, I think it turned out very cute. Here are some pics of my hard work these past few weeks...and after I am finished with two more burp cloths, I am sew least for a while.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras Mambo (and Bugs too) in the Big Easy

Benjamin LOVES Mardi Gras - he loves everything about it...from the bands, to the BIG floats, to the beads, the ladders, the music, the food - he loves it all!
Benjamin last year at Mardi Gras in New Orleans...he has grown so much!
Virginia after the Bug Museum...surfing for the camera
Aunt Emily getting a good tickle in before we head home
Virginia, Abby and Benjamin on the ladder waiting for the next parade
Benjamin, Mommy, Aunt Emily and Virginia before the first parade - ready to party!!
Family shot before the parades
Me and Ben
Baby Owen hanging out in his swing
Benjamin making a scary face

Saturday morning we drove to New Orleans to spend Sunday and Monday with Emily, Jason, Virginia, Owen and mom (and all their friends) celebrating Mardi Gras. On Saturday night mom treated the four of us to a Valentine's dinner (and stayed home with the kids) at Crepe Nanou ( - delicious! Sunday morning the parades started rolling down Magazine at 10:15 am...all we had to do was step outside and we were there (and get three kids and ourselves under the age of three fed, diapered, dressed, and happy)!!! Lots of Emily and Jason's friends came with their kids; we had a full house with tons of great food to eat! Benjamin sat on the ladder with Virginia and Abby and acted like he was a pro...waving and clapping as the floats and bands rolled by --> it was so much fun to watch him enjoy himself like that!!! We caught tons of stuffed animals, big beads, moonpies, and spears (the coveted catch!) -- the kids are cute and they are like magnets for the good throws!! After a long (but super fun) day of parades Sunday, we finally put the kids to sleep and watched a bit of the Olympics. On Monday morning we met Adele and her family (all 11 of them) at the Bug Museum ( It was very interesting, and although it is geared towards older kids, Benjamin still had a blast! There were all sorts of bugs (of course!), but also fish and alligators; even an interactive movie about bugs! After a nice lunch at Lebanon's Cafe and a major leak in my power steering fluid (yikes!), we headed for home. We made good time, considering we stopped every 30 miles or so to refill the fluid...there's nothing like home, sweet home!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Misc. Pictures

Benjamin and Great Grandma Gin
Aunt Malinda and Benjamin
In our raincoat, ready to go
This past weekend and beginning of this week has gone by so fast...I had wanted to write a post a few times, but time passed and the posts forgotten. I finished my first official sewing project last night (a purse) -- I made it for one of my best friend's birthday tomorrow (don't worry, she can't be bothered to read my blog!). I have a picture, but it is on my phone, and I am not sure how to get it on the blog?...Here are some pictures from the last week.
Geaux Saints!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Visit to A-Town

Stopping to take a bite
PawPaw, Owen, Virginia, Grandma Betty and Benjamin after lunch Tuesday
Paw Paw and Mrs. Betty
Benjamin being silly on the floor at PawPaw's house
Benjamin and Grandma Betty
Benjamin laughing at his PawPaw

We went to Alexandria earlier this week to visit Paw Paw, Grandma Betty, The Pearce Family, and Emily and the kids. Benjamin had a blast at his great grandfather's (PawPaw and Grandma Betty) house - he especially liked Annie the puppy dog (a miniature dauschund)...he would offer Annie his pacifier, and when she wouldn't take it --> he would chase her around the house with it. Tuesday morning, Paw Paw and Grandma Betty fixed a nice, big breakfast with bacon...Benjamin's first introduction tot he wonderful world of BACON!! Of course, he loved it! He ran around the house with a piece of bacon in his mouth (he needed his hands free to play with toys and pet the dog) - every now and then he would stop and take a bite, chew and swallow...then it was off to the races again (with the bacon hanging out of his mouth). Silly Baby! Thanks Paw Paw and Grandma Betty for letting us stay with you guys - we had an excellent time! Here are some pictures from our trip...