Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Tale of Two Cousins

This week while Emily and Jason are in Toronto (interviewing for his Fellowship) I get to keep Benjamin's two cousins - Virginia and Owen. I have been looking forward to this week for some time now, wondering how the kids will get along and what I will/can do to entertain the group. Today was easy - Virginia and Owen's Dobby and I tagged teamed it....we brought the kids to Trinity's TK's Place (a magical place for kids). They played and played, looked at the fish and the birds and balloons (hanging from the ceiling, on the wall, everywhere) with no meltdowns or even tiny tears. After a yummy lunch, it was naptime for everyone. They are spending the afternoon at their Dobby's house today. Tomorrow I am flying solo all day- wish me luck! Emily, if you are reading this: I will post lots of pictures tomorrow so you can see how happy your sweet babies are. Thank you for trusting me to take good care of Virginia and that sweet baby tiger - she was beautiful and very, very sweet in her pink dress and Owen was an adorable puddle of jello in his blue airplane bubble (so you can picture them playing today).

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  1. You are brave. And a really awesome sister!