Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend Review

So we started letting Benjamin "drive" because he is always so interested in steering wheels, horns, etc...This is, unfortunately, what happens when it is time for Daddy to drive.
Just a sweet shot in his construction bubble - thanks Owen for letting us borrow it!

Driving his red car at home - he is naked for a reason...coming soon.
We took Ben to Sam Houston Park early Saturday morning to play. He had a great time!!! Gracie came with us, so the whole family enjoyed feeding the ducks, running around, and sliding on the playground.

Daddy and Ben walking to the end of the dock to look for sweet. Seth was terrified of Benjamin jumping off (I don't blame him). When it was time for us to leave the dock to head home, Benjamin did kid, huh?
I think he is saying, "Try and get me daddy, I dare you!"

We eventually stood up and walked back to the car...

We found some big ducks to feed crackers to...poor ducks. Ben used his same "tease" technique that he uses for Gracie with the ducks....Here duckie, want a cracker??? The ducks waddle close in anticipation..."Psych!" Cracker goes into Benjamin's mouth...and repeat over and over again. Those ducks never stood a chance! They did manage to get some scraps from Seth.
On Sunday we set out to take Ben to the park by our house to took a long time and a few outfits to finally get there. First outfit (cute blue and white jon jon with his initials and new navy blue sandals) - we go by Sonic (everyone loves Happy Hour) for drinks...we get Ben a smoothie and I let him hold it...bad idea. Smoothie everywhere in his lap, in his hair (cause you know he rubbed it in there), on the floor of my car after he threw the cup down...all in a matter of seconds. New outfit (khacki shorts, polo shirt, new brown "squeaker" sandals) - we make it to the park, we play and play and Benjamin squeaks and squeaks --> he got a kick out of the noise; then home to have a picnic at our table outside. As Seth and I clean up the "playground" in the backyard so it is ready for use, Benjamin finds my cup from Sonic and dumps it all over himself...second outfit soaked with Diet Cherry Coke. Third outfit - diaper and socks (cause it is late and we are tired.) - see naked picture at top.
And finally (I know this is a LONG post) - a even longer video of Benjamin, complete with animal noises.

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