Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Benjamin just stood up today and started walking across the living room toward me. I held my breath. When he got close to me, he leaped (literally) forward and crashed into my chest. I hugged and congratulated him, and he has been practicing ever since. I knew he had the ability over a month ago, when he started to stand alone for extended periods of time while throwing his balls or drinking his sippy cup; or when he pushed his car or truck around the house and sometimes forgot to hold on; or when he would take a few steps then immediately sit down (teasing me!) -- but he would not really do it for whatever reason. So I waited...patiently...and sure enough, my sweet baby boy walked for his mommy!!! Way to go Ben! Video soon to follow...


  1. GO Benjamin, go!!! Such an exciting milestone. Enjoy. (...and then batten down the hatches.)