Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Let the temper tantrums begin!

Today was Benjamin's very first all out tantrum...I mean, he's one --> isn't it a little early for that?! I was a very "busy" child and Seth was very mischievous, so we figured at some point our children would be too (it's only fair, right?)...but it hasn't happened with Ben yet. He is basically an angel - we have had no real problems or issues with him at all (table manners are even improving a bit!). Even his tantrum today (which was very dramatic and I still haven't figured out the root cause) was over in a matter of minutes. After it happened, I called my sister to make sure that I had handled it well; I know I need a game plan and I need to be consistent. Sooo, all the moms (or dads) out there reading this who are dealing with (or have dealt with) temper tantrums..let me know how you are handling them. Here is a pic of Ben at dinner tonight - we let him feed himself sweet potatoes and yogurt and he was happy as a clam (and very sticky).

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  1. Sarah,
    I have several lists for you to choose from:

    1. What I've tried that worked. (don't get excited, it's a short list.)
    2. What I regret trying.
    3. What I regretted trying - and still did another ten times.
    4. What worked the first time, but backfired every subsequent attempt.
    5. What includes alchohol - for you - not for Ben! :) jk

    Oh, and by the way - every attempt always ends with us muttering, "It's a good thing you're so cute."

    Really though - I can't say we've had tantrums (well- that's not true...I've had plenty!), but she has had some nasty fits....and it was always so shocking to us following such a delightful babyhood. Iain's convinced since she started her shenanigans so early - that we're going to by-pass the "terrible twos." Isn't his optimism precious?

    We'll talk soon.