Sunday, January 31, 2010

Nana's Visit

Ben and daddy hanging out after dinner
Ben with Jaime Lee
Benjamin brushing the giant teeth on the 2nd floor of the Children's Museum
Ben showing daddy how the fire hydrant works

Benjamin dressed up as a fireman
Ben and his Nana playing with boats in the water exhibit

This weekend, my mom (Ben's Nana) came to LC to visit..she hadn't seen Benjamin walk yet. Friday night we had the Lee's over for dinner (Jared, Jaime, Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy); mom came just as they were about to leave. Both Aunt Mary and mom were easily suckered into reading story after story at bedtime (Benjamin is very smart) - every time they would put one book down and begin to rock Ben to sleep, he would cry and point at another book...and then it would happen again...and again...etc...
I went to Sylvia's to see a bluegrass band on Friday night (and met some friends from work) and had a very nice time. Sometimes I forget how fun it is just to relax and have fun with my girlfriends...I get so caught up in the daily mommy life. On Saturday we brought Benjamin to the Children's Museum. I haven't been to the Children's Museum in over ten years - I was pleasantly surprised at how nice it was! It was good to get to spend time with mom - I know Benjamin enjoys it when she visits. Tomorrow we are off to Alexandria to see Ben's Paw-Paw Tony and Grandma Betty. Emily and the kids are coming to meet us - I can't wait!

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