Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Big Easy with the boys

This weekend I went to New Orleans to spend time with Emily and Owen (Jason took Virginia to LC with him and Seth stayed home) it was just the mommies and their baby boys. We had such a nice time! We went to the aquarium today (Saturday) - Benjamin LOVED it!! He has been to the aquarium before in Galveston, but he may have been a little too young to "get it". This time, he definitely got it! He was pointing and talking and kicking his legs (finally got him back in a stroller - last time was over 3 months ago!) He stared and stared at the sharks -- and I am sure he said, "Sha"...which is short for shark, of course. We had ice cream during a little break, then headed for Emily's house to meet Nana for dinner. Then, Emily and I got to go to a movie while Mom babysat. We saw Up In the Air...and I am still not sure if I liked it. George Clooney is super good-looking (never really saw the major appeal before)...but the movie overall was sad, and when we left we both felt yucky. I don't recommend going...maybe put it on your Netflix. Tomorrow I am headed back home...stopping in Baton Rouge to visit Adele's new baby girl, Emma Claire!!!

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