Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Just some sweet pics of my growing boy...we start swim lessons tomorrow!! Tonight when we said our prayers, Ben started naming his friends. After a few names he was clearly stumped. He said, "I have lots more friends, Mommy. What are their names?". Too cute. So we went through the long list of old and new. He sure is one lucky kid!

Benjamin has officially hit the Terrible AND Terrific Two's...he is sooo sweet and smart and funny - then in an instant he is whiny and pushy and not so sweet. I keep telling him, "You are lucky you are sooo cute!"
I can't blame him too much, though. His whole world is different now. New city. New house. New sister. New big boy bed. New friends. Etc.
He is GREAT one on one...problem is, I can hardly ever give him that time (ME requires constant attention). So he acts up to get attention, or he acts sweet to get attention, or he says something funny. Poor guy - he has to keep trying until something works. Now before you start feeling too bad for Ben, keep in mind that he has made new friends, gone on great new adventures and has a beautiful new baby sister! We started a new playgroup here in Nola and have been to each other's houses, to the Zoo, The Children's Museum, Longvue Gardens and the park. Ben also enjoys spending time with our neighbors - 2 year old twins!! Finally I have been going to our church's Mom's Group, where Ben and I both have met new friends. AND...I almost forgot - Ben starts swim lessons next week. Now that I write it all down, we sound really busy! I can't wait until I can spend some qualilty time with my favorite big boy - I miss those sweet moments, snuggle moments, etc...

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