Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Grand Isle

at playground in Grand Isle Seth has been asking us to visit him at work for some time now that ME has arrived. I have been barely making here in Nola, so the thought of packing up two babies and all their stuff to head to Grand Isle (not to mention 2 hours in the car with ME)was not so appealing. We finally made the trip this past weekend and had a great time! Ben LOVES the beach...ME did ok once we got there, and it was SOOO nice to have someone to hang out with at night after I put the kids to bed. Thanks Seth for being such a great host - We had a blast!


  1. Oh how I miss my Washingtons!!!!! I can't believe ME is already in a bumbo and Ben is jumping off cliffs! I miss you, Sarah....and just hate your earlier reports of fussy babies. :( Wish I were closer to help. Ready for a visit soon. Sending love.

  2. Sometimes the hassle is worth the trip.