Friday, March 25, 2011

Laying Low and an Update on ME

Last week was a tough one for me....heck, this week has been tough too. ME has some serious reflux that is causing her major pain (and me too and Ben too as a result of her crying for long periods of time after every bottle). I started the week off with a firm intention of being more patient with Benjamin and working hard on getting ME to sleep somewhere besides my arms (she is NEVER put down). I failed miserably on both accounts. I did Ben:( Then I tried again the next day. and catch the pattern. After yet another call to the doctor about ME's crying (at first he thought we had colic, then a milk protein sensitivity, now reflux), we were put on Zantac. So far, I only see a minor improvement. She is still crying hysterically after EVERY bottle and arching her little back pretty much all the time. Ben is frustrated...I am frustrated. The weekend came and was great, by the way. We had Mary Elizabeth baptized at our church (post on that later) and saw friends and family. Seth was in town, so I got a little break and reassurance that I was not over-reacting to ME's pain. Monday afternoon we brought her to the doctor (she now weighs 9 lbs, 7 ounces - which is a relief, b/c she has stopped eating as much because she is in pain; she takes only 1-2 ounces per bottle, and I was concerned about her weight, etc...) the doctor said to give the Zantac a week (which will be this THursday), and we left with no help. SIGH. So I sit here waiting for tomorrow when I can call the doctor back and say, "HELP!". There has got to be something that can help my beautiful baby girl feel better.

Here are a few pics of this week...
ME sleeping sorry no action shots, b/c when she is not sleeping, she is usually crying...but she is still very cute!I let Ben play with his play doh stuff he got for Christmas - he had a blast!

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  1. Sarah, sorry it hasn't kicked in yet. This makes me cry seeing my friend going through this. I wish we were closer to help, even if it is just to let you take a well deserved nap. Praying that the Dr. figures out her tummy issues and can find a solution quickly. Praying and love you lots. If you want to come "hide" in LC I want tell anyone and I can loan you mom for a few days, but you have to promise to return her.