Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Poo Poo Extravaganza

I thought I would follow up Maria's Poo post with a little something of my own. So I took the kids to the library this morning to celebrate Dr. Suess's birthday. As soon as we got there, sat down and I stopped sweating (really gross, I know, but I cannot seem to get cool these days); Mary Elizabeth started grunting. Oh no...I knew exactly what that meant...and I waited patiently for the noise to end. I silently prayed that it was an easy one (the past week or so have all been total blow-outs)-unfortunately I was not so lucky. After locking Ben, ME and I in the TINY bathroon with no changing table (we were on the floor...and if any of you know my germ phobia, that alone was enough to send me into a tailspin!), I took ME out of her carseat and....POO EVERYWHERE!!! All over the beautiful white dress with tiny pink smocked roses (she looked soo sweet), all over her tiny pink socks, all over her legs, thighs, back, get the picture. sigh. Ben decides that he wants to flush the toilet over and over again (cause he knows I can't get up to stop him) the toilet is rushing, ME is screaming, Ben is being naughty and I am up to my elbows (literally) in POO! By the time I get ME cleaned up, new outfit on, give Ben a stern lecture about behaving at the library, the first story is over and the second has begun. I am, of course, sweating again, as I sit down on the little rug with all the other kids and mommies. I take a few deep breaths...the mom next to me smiles and introduces herself...then Ben walks up to me and says, "Mommy, I poo poo'ed in my diaper" (cause I have been asking him to tell me immediately, b/c he has also had some major blow-outs this past week too). I sigh again, turn him around and immediately wish I hadn't...POO EVERYWHERE (again)!! The mom next to me smmiles again and says, "You should go home...start over, pretend this didn't even happen". I smile politely and get both my kids and run out the door.


  1. OMG Sarah! SOOO funny and not so funny. Been there done that, too. It stinks...haha

  2. Poo Poo Palooza!!!! Ugh. Good advice from the other mom, though -- although it might not have been helpful at that point. Glad you survived. And now you have another mommy war story! Thanks for the laugh