Wednesday, December 1, 2010

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

This weekend we took a trip to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our tree...
Benjamin was soo excited, running up and down the rows of trees. We told him he could pick the tree he wanted (I know, we weren't really thinking that one through). He pointed to EVERY tree saying, "that one, that one!"...Needless to say, we had to convince him that "This One!" is the one he wanted...
Riding on Daddy's shoulders
Standing in front of our Christmas tree!!
On the drive to the farm, we asked Ben what kind of tree he wanted...a tall, skinny one or a short, fat one...he wasn't sure. After he (we) picked our tree, I asked him what kind of tree it was...he said (guessed?) correctly and said, "tall, skinny tree" boy!

After we picked our tree, we (even Gracie got to come)took a ride on the horse and carriage...which Benjamin loved.
Carriage ride!!
Petting our horse, Blue
Then we fed the goats, who were apparently very hungry...
Feeding the goats with Daddy and Gracie
After we got home, we decorated the Christmas tree together...this is the first Christmas we have done this since Ben was born...and it was so neat to see how excited he was! Every ball and ornament was a big deal...we had an assembly line going - I would unwrap the ornament, Ben would bring it to Daddy, and Daddy would put it on the tree.
Benjamin showing me the ball for the tree
helping Daddy decorate the top of the tree
After we finished decorating the tree and wrapping Christmas presents, Daddy and Benjamin found a way to entertain themselves....BOYS!!

Playing with the empty wrapping paper rolls...sword fighting!!

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  1. The second to last picture is killing me! That look is soo??? I don't know who!! Either you are Seth - one of you makes that face! I love it! And the pantless sword fighting - typical!