Sunday, December 12, 2010

Benjamin's 2nd Birthday Party

Four generations on both sides were here to celebrate Benjamin!!

My sweet baby boy will turn two right before Christmas, and we celebrated his birthday this past weekend at the Children's Museum. Early Saturday morning we talked about his fire truck birthday party and all his friends and family that were coming; he was sooo excited! The party was so much fun...for Benjamin AND me and Seth!! He played and played in the "fire truck room", sliding down the pole, swinging on the rope, etc....After food, cake and a good effort at unwrapping presents, we watched the choo choo train for almost 30 minutes!!! Thanks to all our friends and family that came to make Ben's 2nd birthday so special!


  1. Love the shirts! You are such a wonderful mommy, Sarah~ I am really going to miss you.

  2. Thanks for having us - it was a wonderful morning! I especially loved seeing your mom, Stan and Seth's parents all in one room - it was like 1997 all over again!