Friday, December 31, 2010

All About Christmas 2010

We had a wonderful Christmas this year! Benjamin was so much fun; Seth and I watched him run around and around opening presents Christmas morning...he could not stay still! He quickly fell in LOVE with his racetrack, and pretty much spent the entire morning playing with it. Choo-choo trains!
Race Track!!

racing trains and playing with cars
playing outside Christmas morning
After Ben had a nap on Christmas day, we went to Seth's mom and dad's house for more Christmas fun...
opening a present at GranC and Papa Scott's house
The morning after Christmas, we celebrated with my MOm (Ben's Nana), Emily and Jason, and Virginia and Owen
playing with the garage Nana got for Benjamin
present extravaganza...Virginia, Benjamin and O-Man opening presents with Uncle Jason...Grandpa Stan watching
Virginia and Benjamin "cutting" fruit
Later that afternoon, we all went to my Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy's house for my extended family Christmas
giggling with Chelsea
Jenny and Owen
Mommy looking alot like Santa!!
Benjamin giving PawPaw Tony a hug and kiss (Paw Paw Tony gave each grandbaby a very special gift...he recorded "On the Day You Were Born" for each child, so that Paw Paw can read to them each sweet!!)
Daddy showing his "Tickle Monster" gloves
Group shot of my cousins...Cheese!

We also got to celebrate Christmas with Benjamin's Aunt Scotty when we went to New Orleans last week!!

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