Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting ready...

ben and jack at the park this weekend
Seth went back to work this week after a great visit...we got alot done, including Christmas tree decorations and wrapping presents. We even managed to pack a few boxes, although I have miles to go on that front! I feel like I am constantly getting ready for the next big thing - Ben's birthday party, Christmas, moving, new baby, etc...Hopefully once we get to New Orleans and get settled, we can just relax (and enjoy our new family!!).
We are still waiting to hear on the house...this process is playing out in slow mo! I am going to look at a rental tomorrow (just in case) when Ben and I visit NO. We are going with my friend's little girl, Ella, who has an appoinment at Children's Hospital on Thursday for an ASD that was found during her 3 year well baby check-up. Please keep Ella in your prayers this week.

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