Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Tale of Two Cousins Pictures - Part 2

This is the end of the day group shot (minus Matthew who did not make it in time)...Even though they all look a bit tired and, in Ben's case, upset; we had a great day playing!! Owen, Virginia, Benjamin and Asher
Ben and Matthew being silly
Peekaboo!! Owen LOVED the tent...and loved to peek through the mesh
Virginia and Benjamin had an egg hunt in our backyard...
After the egg hunt we put all the eggs in Ben's new sandbox and played...Virginia scooped the eggs up with her shovel and put them in Ben's basket...Ben then took the egg out...and repeat. We need a little sand here Uncle Seth!!!
Just a swinging...and cracking each other up
Even Gracie had a good time with all the kids -- she got a doggie bone from each of them!!! Lucky day Gracie!!
Ben and Virginia shooting hoops
A sweet girl with a silly lamb - Ben's Auntie M got him this lamb which wags its ears and sings "Baa Barbara Ann" (I am not kidding, the WHOLE song)...Ben and Virginia both love it and dance along...Virginia was particularly taken by this lamb, and she carried it around the house ('cause she was afraid Ben would get it if she put it down).

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