Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crafting, Date Night and the Nana

My mom (Ben's Nana) came to visit this weekend. So did Emily, Jason and the kids - Ben was in heaven! Friday night, after a fabulous craft get together (Thanks Kales!), Seth and I met Em and J, Jared and Jaime, and James and Erica at the movies to see Date Night...very, very funny!! Saturday morning my mom brought Ben to Trinity to play while Em and I worked out (she is a slave driver!), then it was off to lunch with Virginia and Owen. After a great nap (that only included Ben...picture me and Seth sweating outside in the heat planting flowers and fixing up Ben's playground), we headed to the park splash pad for some fun! I shouldv'e brought my camera, because Benjamin was THE cutest kid there with his little bug suit and sun hat (I am biased, but I am pretty sure I would have picked him as the cutest even if he wasn't my baby). After a large and very yummy ice cream sandwich, we headed home for dinner, bath and bedtime. This morning we went to church (did much better than last week) and we are headed back to the park for the duck race this afternoon. I love the weekends where we have no real plans, and can just relax and enjoy!

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