Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Pics

We had a wonderful, relaxing Easter weekend in Lake Charles. The bunny came bright and early Sunday morning....Benjamin snuggled with us in bed (Seth's favorite thing to do since we moved Ben to his crib to sleep) and looked through his basket full of goodies.
We went to mass at the cathedral and saw lots of our sweet little friends in the cry room (we were in there pretty much the entire second half of mass) and our favorite photographer, Mr. Morris. After mass we ate lunch, took a nap, then went to our Gran C and Poppa Scott's house for an easter egg hunt!
At this point, Benjamin was practically a pro at "hunting" eggs...and...he knew that there were always surprises (cheerios, yogurt raisins, etc...) in the eggs.
Finally Benjamin got to try his very first chocolate bunny after dinner...YUMMY!

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