Thursday, December 31, 2009

Skiing and Snow in Steamboat

Seth, Benjamin and I spent the week before Christmas in snowy Steamboat, Colorado on a family vacation! We had a wonderful time - Benjamin amazes me each day with his ability to "go with the flow" of things...he was his happy, bubbly, bouncing self throughout the trip (including traveling - with a three hour layover in Denver). We arrived in Steamboat late Tuesday afternoon and after settling in at our hotel (The Inn at Steamboat - the staff was amazingly accomodating and the suite we had was very nice), we went downtown to get dinner. I loved the shops, restaurants, snow, chill in the air - everything...and that is saying alot, because I am not a cold-weather vacation girl (put me on a beach with a book any day). We went skiing the next two days (Benjamin in our heavy duty backpack - thanks Grandpa Stan)...and....Ben LOVED it!! He was laughing, kicking his legs, babbling, etc... the whole way down the mountain. All of the locals thought he was the cutest ("right on!" they would tell us when they learned we had brought him skiing) baby in his new puppy dog hat. We went into town each night for dinner and a little shopping; we had no schedule, which I really enjoyed, and Ben was ok with that. Just a random thought here -> Ben's hair was straight as a board the whole time there (no humidity), but it curled up as soon as we got back in LC.

The last two days we played in the snow, did some more shopping and just hung out until we had to catch our plane.

On the way home, we had a little rumble (small disagreement) with some Penn State fans at an airport restaurant in Denver (Geaux Tigers!), and Ben woke up scared twice on our late night flight back into Houston...but all in all, we had a great time! Things could not have been better, except for a Saints win. We spent Saturday night in Houston at the Reiser's house and drove home on Sunday. It feels good to be back home, but I sure do miss seeing white on the ground and in the trees....I am dreaming of a white Christmas!


  1. What awesome pictures!! Ya'll are making some great memories for Ben to look back on. Skiing with a baby is so cool.

  2. Looks like Ben was born in the snow. Well, snow is water just frozen, so he was totally in his element! Looks like an amazing time - I can't wait to catch up with you in person!

  3. You're my hero mom. I just LOVE that you took Ben and started creating such a wealth of fun memories. Happy Happy New Year.