Monday, December 21, 2009

To Benjamin on Your First Birthday...

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Dear Benjamin,

It is hard to imagine that it has been a full year since the night you were born. What a joyful, wonderful year!!! We can remember holding you in the hospital and thinking to ourselves, "we get to bring him home!" Once we got home, it took us almost ten minutes to change your diaper - we were so careful because you were so little, little and so were the buttons on your outfit! We loved to read "On the Night You Were Born" and imagine you watching the polar bears sleeping at the zoo and thinking that they had been dancing all night for YOU!!!
We loved you more than anything else since the moment we laid eyes on you (and before that even, when you were in mommy's stomach). You have grown up so quickly, amazing us with all of your accomplishments and "firsts" - smile, coo, sitting up, rolling over, crawling, clapping, touchdown sign, standing, first steps, eating, and the list goes on and on...we are so proud! Mommy remembers sitting in the rocking chair with you one night, smelling your baby scent and feeling your hair on my lips and thinking, "there is absolutely nothing better than this feeling right now...God is so great!"
You are such a happy, easy-going baby; you are flexible and adapt to new places, people, schedules, food, anything pretty easily. You LOVE balls, balloons, puppy dogs, trains, trucks, your pacifier, and always are bouncing to an imaginary song, and most mornings you sing to mommy in a wonderful high-pitch voice when you are happy. You love to play with daddy, crawling all over him and letting him throw you high into the air. You love to swim - both in the pool and in the bathtub; you love going outside, whether it be for a walk or to run errands with mommy. You are crazy about Gracie the puppy dog...and don't worry, she will warm up to you (treats are the trick, Ben). You have many little friends you play with regularly, as well as two great cousins. You are loved by family and friends - you have lots and lots of people who adore you!
As this year turns into next, we cannot wait to see what you will do, what you will say, what you will look like...You are a precious gift from God, and we are still so grateful that He let us keep you! We love you, sweet baby boy - Happy Birthday!!

Mommy and Daddy


  1. Happy Happy Birthday, sweet Benjamin! You are one lucky little boy to have a mommy & daddy so crazy in love with you.

    Sarah - enjoy the day and the nostalgia. Beautiful post. Can't wait for post Christmas visit and normalcy! :)

  2. Happy Birthday Benjamin! And Mom and Dad too! (No doubt the first year into parenthood should be celebrated!)