Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Paw-Paw blindfolded as his guests await...
First look...shock, disbelief...
Waiting for Paw-Paw Tony...

OK - To answer Kales and Maria's question...finally! This past weekend we celebrated my Paw-Paw's 80th birthday with a surprise party in Alexandria at my Aunt Duby's house. There were over 50 people there, from all stages of my grandfather's life - his hunting buddy when he was young, his teacher from grammar school, cousins, grand kids, daughters, sons, great-grand kids, etc...all with great stories and fond memories.
My family has been planning this for months now, and my Paw-Paw had no clue. It was disguised as our annual family Christmas party...to begin at 2:30 pm on Saturday. My aunt has been busy working on decorations, invitations, RSVP cards, etc... the past few weeks, and each day my Paw-Paw would call to come over and visit - she would have to tell him that she was busy, not home, etc...so that he would not see the surprises.
Finally on Saturday he got antsy...he called and said he was coming over early and would just wait for everyone to get there for the Christmas party...My aunt freaked out, so she told him that Jason (Emily's husband) got called to the hospital and was working late so the party would be pushed back to 4:30 or 5 pm. She told my Paw-Paw to come around 2:15 pm (the actual surprise party started at 2) ---pretty clever. He was not having it, though, and still wanted to come early. Our Grandma Betty (Paw-Paw's wife) was trying very hard to make excuses, errands, etc.. to keep him from going to my aunt's house. He was getting irritated and upset - we finally had to tell him that we had a surprise for him and if he came early, he would spoil it. He seemed satisfied...but I know he couldn't imagine such a surprise gathering.
When Paw-Paw showed up at the house (blindfolded), the guests were all gathered outside..we shouted, "Surprise!" and we sang"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow". He was shocked, touched, surprised, and about to cry all wrapped up into one moment. As he worked his way through the crowd greeting old friends and family, I could tell he was overwhelmed by it all. Aunt Duby and the rest of the family did a terrific job of showing Paw-Paw just how special he is.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAW-PAW!!! We love you so much and are so blessed to have you in our lives to add humor, wisdom, and faith.


  1. Aw, tear! There's nothing like showing the people you love just how much you love them. Funny how antsy he was getting! I hope he had one of the best birthdays EVER! Thanks for sharing your surprise with us... I couldn't take it much longer!

  2. OH how special! I bet he's still going over and over that memory in his mind. A full heart is a great gift to give.

    And look at you getting fancy shmancy with your blog. Good for you. Looking forward to seeing you soon.