Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!!

Benjamin with his new hat rocking on his puppy dog

Baby Owen and Giannna in the ball pit

First birthday cake

Benjamin's smash cake


I wrote this post about a week ago, right after Ben's birthday party...due to (once again) technical difficulties, I didn't get a chance to post before we left for vacation. So I will be posting vacation pictures soon too.

My sweet, adorable baby boy had his first birthday party this weekend (we actually turn one on December 23rd). WE had lots of little friends and family show up - and I feel like we had a pretty smooth time (thanks to the balloons and the balls)...everyone ate, sang Happy Birthday, had cake, and then opened presents and played with the wonderful toys (my sister thinks I was brave to open presents, but I am just naive). Benjamin was too funny with his cake - he started out like most kids I have seen (the one finger in the icing method) and stuck with it for a while...then he decided he needed bigger quantities of cake and icing, so he lifted the little cake platter (thanks Aunt Malinda!) and put it up to his face so that he could bite off chunks of cake!!! Then he decided that lifting the plate was too hard, so he just stuck his head down in the cake (his cousin Virginia gave him that tip!). I loved every second of it! I also think we might have diverted a tiny disaster, because I put M&M's on his cake (keeping up with my polka dot theme, of course)...and my sister started telling me that her friend's baby choked on a gumball on her first cake and they had to give her the Heimlich...I rushed to the cake and started mining for M&M' them all! Thanks Em!

What a great day!! Thanks everyone for making Benjamin's first birthday party a success!!! We are headed to Colorado tomorrow morning to bring Benjamin skiing - we will be back before Christmas with lots of pictures and hopefully fun stories of Benjamin in the snow. And no stories of me and a tree (those who know my first ski story will understand). I have been trying to download the video of Ben eating his cake, but it must be too long or something...if you want it, let me know and I will email it to you.


  1. We had a blast! Thank you for inviting us... and for the last minute rush to get our favor taken care of (he's already worn it 4 times).

  2. I still think you put Martha Stewart to shame. It was wonderful. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Let's get together after the holidays with our ONE YEAR OLDS! :)

  3. Ella and I had so much fun at "Baby's" birthday. When she sees her shirt she starts saying "Happy Baby". I can't believe he is almost one already.

  4. You must post a pic of these shirts that I guess were the party favors! I'm still sad we had to miss. Once things settle down, let's do lunch. Hopefully Benjamin won't be too upset with a belated birthday gift. The party looked absolutely wonderful! Good job, Mom!

  5. Precious pictures. Happy birthday Benjamin! And merry Christmas to the Washington's!