Sunday, October 11, 2009

Saturday Night in Death Valley

Death Valley before the game - The Golden Band from Tigerland

At the last minute, Seth and I managed to get tickets to the Florida game. We had a great time, despite the rain and the loss (Boo Gators!). I always forget how much I love the feeling of a sticky (or preferably, crisp) Saturday night at Tiger Stadium...the anticipation as the band marches on the field, the camaraderie with perfect strangers (high fiving or hugging a fellow fan after we have scored), the deafening roar of the crowd (and sometimes Mike the Tiger), and the overall feeling that there is no other place like Death Valley. Here are some pics at our tailgate. I am off to BR again tomorrow to spend some time with friends, go to Hollydays and to let Benjamin visit with his Nana.
Benjamin on his daddy's shoulders watching the band march down the hill before the game
Me, Ben, Jennifer and SaraBeth (perhaps Benjamin's future girlfriend??)
Auntie M and Ben taunting his alligator

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