Sunday, October 18, 2009

Isn't this a pumpkin patch?!

Benjamin amid the mini pumpkins
The Hankins Family
Caroline trying to check out the pumpkin blaster
Jason, Jennifer and Jack Garcille
Benjamin playing with some hay

Caroline, Benjamin and Jack
I did my research, and thought I found the best place to bring Benjamin to get pumpkins (and take a few pictures)....but when we (Seth, Ben and I; The Garcille Family; The Hankins Family; and a few other families) arrived at CM Farms in Reeves, LA - we were overwhelmed by the great big corn maze (great for big kids, not so much for babies), and there was not a pumpkin in sight. We bought general admission tickets in addition to train tickets and set off in search of some pumpkins. When we got to the very back of the farm, a worker finally told us the patch was too muddy for us to get to...What?! We just packed up 3+ babies and drove almost an hour to see pumpkins! When the shock wore off, we relaxed and had a nice time...I used some mini pumpkins (used for the pumpkin blaster - great for big kids) and set up a small photo area. We took turns and each baby and family got a picture of their first trip to a "pumpkin" farm for their album. We enjoyed the lovely weather and the farm animals...even the train ride (bumpy) was fun! All in all, we had a great day!


  1. Awww man! It was between Reeves and Moss Bluff for us today and Moss Bluff won out for its closeness. Sorry to hear there wasn't much for the babies to do! Did Benjamin have a costume change? Ha! We can't wait to wear our new pumpking shirt, it's too cute! It was great to see you yesterday!