Sunday, October 4, 2009


Adele, Baby Charlie, Seth, Me and Baby Benjamin...Geaux Tigers!

Saturday morning Benjamin crawled for the first time (video below) the end of the day today (Sunday), he is crawling halfway across the living room - with breaks along the way. He will crawl a few feet, then sit down on his bottom to rest (or maybe get a gameplan where to go next?), then he will begin crawling again. He is so, so sweet! As you can see from the video, we used the infamous balloon as "bait".
We had a great weekend..the Tigers won (another close game that had me yelling at the TV and sweating with nervousness), Adele and baby Charlie came to visit, and today we just relaxed (went to church, went to a movie, then played with Ben the rest of the day).
Adele and Charlie came in on Saturday morning to visit and watch the LSU game downtown (we went to the tailgate party to benefit the YMCA). The two boys had a good time - talked to each other, took naps (Charlie a long one, Ben's was too short), and played by the bank safe which Seth was obsessed with...he made me take lots of pictures of it - him in it, him and Ben in it, Ben and Charlie playing by it, etc...The tailgate party had a VIP section (thanks Reiser's) that was inside the old Calcasieu Marine Bank.
Benjamin and Charlie in front of Seth's safe

Today, Robert stopped by to visit before he headed back home to Houston (we missed you Crystal!). Ben couldn't get over his beard...I know he has seen facial hair before, but only on guys with lighter hair.



  1. hehe! he is so cute! My niece is about 5 months old, and she just learned how to jump up and down in her jumper so I am enjoying all of these cute baby videos! By the way, Lyle and I were looking at the video you took at Jon and Melinda's, and every time Benjamin would coo, Libby (our pup) would cock her head and stare at us. It was so funny!

  2. Sarah, Oh my heavens....he is so stinkin' cute! I really enjoy watching you and Seth so crazy in love with him. What a celebrated special little boy! I think it's time for a play date...I'm just dying to get my hands on him. :)