Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Playdate and Trick-or-Treating in the Red Stick

Benjamin, John Paul and Gianna (the gymnast in the background) in the famous ball pit

Benjamin's cheeks

Yesterday was a long, but very good day...It started out like any other weekday, but we had a playdate around lunchtime with John Paul Dawson and Gianna Lewis. Benjamin had a great time - like the Lewis', the Dawson's house also had a playpen FULL of balls!!! Ben was in heaven! While the kids played, Maria took pictures of our babies - see above. I was soo excited to hook back up with Maria, and then Kate and Dawson; what a blessing for me and Benjamin!!

After our playdate, Benjamin and I, along with my friend Leigh Erin and her little girl Ella, drove to Baton Rouge to trick or treat on sorority row at LSU. We met up with my sister and two of her friends and their three kids and my friend Angela and her two girls (all in all that is 9 kids!)...after a quick dinner at one of Emily's friend's houses, we put on costumes and headed to LSU. The kids were adorable - Virginia was literally a galloping giraffe (she was dancing "in the middle" of the dance circle at the Kappa House for a very long time - she had those college girls as her captive audience), Owen a elephant, Ella a bumblebee and Benjamin a monkey! The weather was cool and there were tons of cute kids in even cuter costumes to look at. Benjamin cannot walk yet, so he had to endure his stroller - next year I am sure he will lead the charge with Virginia and Owen. On the drive home last night, the babies got a little delirious and cranky (tired, uncomfortable and in sugar shock --> mostly Ella, although Benjamin got a small lolli earlier in the evening)...Leigh Erin and I sang every baby and praise and worship song we could think of!! Finally we made it home safely and fell quickly asleep. Happy Halloween! Pics of the "animals" to follow...

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