Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Very Happy Girl

As a mother, I have always prayed for my children to be carefree, healthy and happy (the way children are supposed to be). When we found out about ME's brain injury, I was devastated. I found it very difficult to be not crying, much less happy. Now that we have had time to adjust to our new hopes/dreams/expectations for Mary Elizabeth (and yes, they HAVE changed....but for the best, I am sure - a whole 'nother post); we are a happy family that giggles often again.

Although I ask myself all the time "why?!" this happened to my baby girl, I truly now believe that God has a definite purpose for Mary Elizabeth and our family (exactly WHAT purpose I have no idea). I believe that we are meant to teach something to someone (maybe in our family, maybe a stranger??)...sounds pretty vague, I know...but I am positive of our mission (just hazy on the details).
Slowly, God has helped ME progress in her therapies, her weight gain, her overall quality of life (she used to have horrible tummy pain and now it is completely gone). I have prayed diligently for this progress...often impatiently. Every time I feel like I may be on the verge of a meltdown, God gives me something - a beautiful day with both of my kids (no whining) happy and laughing together or a new skill ME picked up or a super sweet Benjamin telling me he loves me the most....just enough to get me through. His grace is sufficient.

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