Monday, March 5, 2012

We Got Ella!!

Recently, one of our dear friends moved to New Orleans...and into our neighborhood! This has been such a blessing, because it has been so nice to have an old friend nearby. I have made some wonderful new friends since being in Nola, but there is something comforting about old friends. Benjamin also happens to be "bestest" friends with my friend's daughter, Ella...and even though we have been away from them for well over a year, he still talks about Ella alot. We are sooo happy to have Ella, Leigh Erin and David here with us.

Isn't she beautiful? We have been apart for so long, she has grown into a little girl!! She used to be a sweet little toddler...
Dinner out after riding bikes
City Park
BEIGNETS! These two are already starting a routine of beignets together once a week!
Ella is in love with Mary Elizabeth...she is always hugging her, kissing her, talking to her, etc...AND...Benjamin has started too (thanks Ella!)! After almost a year of pretty much ignoring his sister, he has finally realized she is here (and staying!). Mary Elizabeth is thrilled...anytime Benjamin or Ella pay her any attention, she gets sooo excited.
This was at the Freret Street Festival last weekend. We had fun, the kids danced to a live jazz band, and we all ate and ate!

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