Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Paddy's Parade

This past Sunday we went to the St. Pat's Parade. We were invited to a party at one of Mary Elizabeth's therapists house (on the parade route). After a tricky time getting there (Seth ended up dropping me, Em, ME, Ben and Owen off and walking with Virginia after they parked), we were amazed at the spread! Boiled crawfish, jambalaya, fettuccine, hot-dogs and Cane's for the kids, beer, coke, lemonade, cookies, cake, brownies, etc... Yumm!
We had a great time...catching beads and candy AND cabbage, carrots, oranges and even a banana! Ben and Owen caught a football, then played with it for hours (tackling, stripping the ball, etc...they were like BIG boys!) Virginia stood faithfully with her hands up for every float (of course!), and Mary Elizabeth enjoyed the floats and noises with her Daddy.

We left after only 36 floats (the parade was like 100 floats+)...tired and happy. We walked and walked...and walked some more. Ummmm, where is our car? Seth and Virginia parked, so the rest of us had no clue. When we reached 48th street, Seth was positive it was not that far...he KNEW it was 42nd street. We asked Virginia - she said, "49". We ignored her (of course) and turned around. We walked and walked and walked some more. Owen got tired and rode on top of ME's stroller. Virginia and Ben started dragging their feet. Em and I tried to stay upbeat, while Seth got more and more frustrated. When we got to 42nd street....you guessed it! No car! Hmmmm...
Seth told us to meet him on 45th street, while he went ahead of us to try and find it. Em and I dragged the kids the last few blocks while Seth ran ahead (he was embarrassed and very flustered at this point...Em and I were mildly amused). Whew! Seth was waiting for us at 45th in OUR CAR!!! Hooray! I am sure at this point I don't even have to tell you what street it was on, but just in case you still have no clue - 49th. We ended the afternoon with Coldstone Creamery...ice cream for everyone! We had definitely earned it!

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  1. The first picture is so cute! All of you and all of your mini-me's! How fun! (well, except losing the car! tell seth to not take it so hard, if Seth is anything like his old self - he's so on top of these gentlemanly things)