Sunday, February 6, 2011

Life in Nola

So far, Benjamin has been adjusting to life in a new city, new house and with a new little sister. He has done pretty good so far...except, that he is ATTACHED to his paci, Allie and Lemonade (stuffed animals). I figure I can try to wean him from the paci again soon...just it is a little tougher now that his baby sister has one too!
We had a wonderful weekend with Seth - it was nice to have him home. We managed to begin to build Ben's playset in the backyard...Ben was sooo happy! He climbed the ladder and slid down the slide for more than an hour. Can't wait to see how happy he is when it is finished!
Helping Daddy...handing him screws for the slide
Climbing the rock wall
Mommy, Daddy and Ben by the playset (ME was inside b/c it was very chilly). I am looking forward to a new week at home with two kids; my Aunt Duby is coming to help and Ben and I are visiting prospective Mother's Day Out (they call it Nursery School here in NO)Programs. Wish us luck!

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  1. Okay, the picutre of Ben climbing thr rock wall - completely melted me.