Thursday, February 17, 2011

Feelin' Good Today

As I write this, Benjamin is sleeping in his bed and Mary Elizabeth is sleeping in her swing and Reyna (our new housekeeper!!) is upstairs. We went for a walk this morning(I managed to get both kids dressed and in the car, then get them out and put them in the stroller...walk a bit, then load back up and head home), and my mom watched the kids last night so Em and I could catch a movie. I have had a terrific 24 hours!!! Now that ME is a little older, we are going to begin to slowly get out the house and do things (I am a firm believer in keeping my baby away from germs for the first month), and I have a feeling Ben and I both will benefit. On a different note, Benjamin is so funny...I need to keep a Jelly Book like Maria, b/c he says and does the funniest or cleverest things all the time now that he never stops talking or moving. I let Ben play outside at the "park" while I made lunch today...and I looked up and saw this...Poor Gracie - she hasn't had a ton of attention lately, so I guess she figured she would just take it! Ben has been picking "leaves" (grass) alot this week and putting them into his bucket and carrying it around. Today, he was dumping the leaves on Grace...and she would just brush it off with her paws...and then he would dump more...etc. This had been going on for some time before I caught it, b/c when I went outside to rescue Gracie, there was a massive pile of leaves under and around her.

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  1. How FUNNY! And hooray for feeling good and getting a little help. SO SO happy for you. Miss you so much.