Saturday, August 14, 2010

Summer Pictures

Here are some pics I took this summer that I haven't posted yet...More to come later.

Happy 1st Birthday Owen!!!

Only pic of all three kids together during Owen's party...their matching shirts are compliments of Kales Jessen --- THANKS!!!
Our family shot during our annual Toledo Bend Fishing Trip with my extended family...see last year's shot here -->
Our summer playgroup took a trip to the Lafayette zoo - here is Ben on a tree...none of my pics of the other kids came out:(
Ben sliding down the pole with a fireman...Our playgroup took a field trip earlier this summer to the fire station on Big Lake Road - the kids LOVED the trucks, equipment and firemen...and the guys were GREAT! Thanks Ladder 8!
We couldn't get a group shot - this is the best I had...and we are missing lots of kids!!
Ben thought he was "all-time designated driver" at the fire house - he had a hard time letting someone else get in the driver's seat!
Visiting Daddy in Grand Isle
Since Seth has been away, I have been alternating dinner with friends during the weeknights - that way Ben and I don't eat alone every night (which can get lonely)...and the kids LOVE to eat and bathe together. The next 3 pics are in reverse order - dinner at Leigh Erin's...
Ella and Ben sitting with Ella's giant bear...avoiding diapers and PJ's after their bath
Ella rinsing Ben's hair in the bathtub
Ben with his Uncle Jason - Mother's Day lunch
Benjamin with his Nana on Mother's Day lunch at The Hungry Forager on the North Shore

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