Monday, July 13, 2009

Three Cabins on Toledo Bend Lake

The Washington Family at Toledo Bend Lake
Benjamin smiling and playing with Baby Owen...very sweet!

Floating in the lake....

What time is it? 2:45 am...Are we there yet? Almost.

Seth, Ben and I got to Toledo around 3 am Friday night (er, Saturday morning) after driving from Baton Rouge. Kaylyn got married at 7 pm in BR (pictures and write up to come), and then we hopped in the car to head for my family vacation on Toledo Bend Lake in Hemphill, Texas.

We had a great time - the weather was nice (and HOT), and our whole family was there...The Lee's (Aunt Mary, Uncle Tommy, Pop, Jaime, Jared, James AND our long lost cousin Jenny home from Alaska!), The Pearce's (Aunt Duby, Uncle Mark, T-Mark, and Chelsea), Paw-Paw and Mrs. Betty and our family (Emily, Jason, Virginia, Owen, me, Seth, Ben and mom). We swam in the pool with the kids, floated in the lake, went tubing, fishing, played card games and board games, made homeade ice cream, and BBQ'ed. Our game of ultimate frisbee (after dark) was lots of fun - we were running all around, sweating, breathing hard (most of us except the Lee family, of course) and knocking down bird houses (geaux Uncle Mark!). Ben took his first boat ride, and he fussed the whole time because his daddy shoved him into a life jacket (that's the law). He did, however, enjoy just floating in the lake with his daddy and kayaking back to shore with his mommy.

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