Friday, August 27, 2010

Painting Fun

Yesterday after I picked Ben up from Mother's Day Out, we went to our friend Ella's house to paint. Ella's mom, Leigh Erin, is way braver than I am --- she actually hung paper on the windows and let the kids "paint away"! Ben had sooo much fun - painting with his hands, his brush, Jack's brush...on his paper, on Jack and Ella's paper, his belly, in his hair, and of course on Leigh Erin's WHITE couch (thank goodness for washable paint!). Ben concentrating (I can tell b/c he always opens his mouth!)...
Ben, Jack and Ella getting more paint
more painting....
A beautiful masterpiece!!! This is about where we (I mean Ben) lost concentration, or interest - then I began chasing him around the house, trying to keep him from touching anything else with his dirty hands...he thought it was a game...until I caught him- and into the bathtub he went!!! The other two more "mature" children just needed their hands washed.

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