Monday, September 28, 2009

On the Road Again

Baby Owen mesmerized by the camera flash
Benjamin and his great-great grandma Dot in Opelousas
The Turner's and the Washington's at Owen's christening
Owen and his godparents - Jenny and Seth
Benjamin and his Uncle Mark (same silly smile on both of them!)
Baby Owen after his baptism
Baby Owen receiving the oil of chrism
The Washington Family
Aunt Sarah and Baby Owen, getting ready for his baptism

Whew! We have had a very busy weekend (and beginning of this week) traveling across LA attending baptisms, symposiums and visiting old professors! This past Saturday Owen got christened in New Orleans...Seth is his godfather and Jenny Lee is his godmother (hands off, Jenny! - j/k). Owen was adorable (of course) in his baptism outfit...he is getting great head control and is very, very smiley - especially at his Aunt Sarah (could it be because I was carrying the camera with the cool lights/flash?...nah!). After the baptism we went back to Em and J's to finish watching the Tigers barely beat State and to eat these fabulously fattening cupcakes - thanks Em!!
Our whole family squeezed (literally) into Frankie and Johnny's for dinner, then it was off to the Queen and Crescent (disappointing) for some sleep. On Sunday Em, J, Virginia, Owen, me, Seth, Ben and mom went to the Audubon Zoo (Ben's first trip!). We had a great time!!! The elephants were super cool (and super smelly), and Ben LOVED the jaguars! Benjamin and Virginia got to actually pet the elephant! After a few hours and a few sno-cones (the first sugar-free grape ones we got were "rancid" - long story I will have to tell you face-to-face) later, we finally left to go back to Em and J's to feed Ben and get back on the road.
We set off with the intention to drive to Ruston (we didn't leave NO until 5:30 pm) that night...but Ben had other ideas. We ended up at Uncle Mark and Aunt Duby's doorstep around 9:30 pm, and they graciously took us in. We woke up bright and early the next morning (Monday) to head to Ruston, where Seth's Aunt Malinda and Uncle Jon live (and the home of LA Tech University, my graduate school alma mater). Aunt Malinda, Ben and I spent all day shopping and eating (102 Bistro, Counter Culture), and Seth drove to Shreveport for his symposium...Seth and a few of his colleagues from his last job in BR were speaking about a paper they wrote about a remediation project he worked on. I also got to visit an old professor of mine from graduate school, Dr. Tilman Sheets. He was probably my favorite professor, and I had not seen him since I graduated! Benjamin played in the kitchen, bathtub and bedroom at Aunt Malinda's house -- he had a very good time! Ben really likes their puppy dog, Jingle!!! We got up early Tuesday morning and hit the road again, stopping in Opelousas at the Palace Cafe for lunch with Benjamin's great-great grandma Dot and cousin Hugh.
Whew! Did I already say that? Now that we are back home, I have laundry, dishes and housework to think of...not to mention exercise (which I did not even think about while we were traveling).
Benjamin playing in the kitchen at Aunt Malinda and Uncle Jon's

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  1. Holy Moly, Owen has a bunch of hair. Seth looks so proud. Also, I had NO idea you went to La. Tech, what rock have I been under? Glad you guys made it back safe!