Sunday, September 20, 2009

Family Fun-Filled Weekend

Em, Me, Mom, Owen, Ben and Virginia
Em, Dru, Mrs. Debbie, Owen, Ben and Virginia
Me and Baby Owen (a happy "little tiger")
Benjamin and his Aunt Emily
Nana, Benjamin and Virginia in the big, red firetruck
Mommy and Benjamin
Benjamin got to spend some time with his cousins and his Nana this weekend when Mom, Em, Virginia and Owen came to Lake Charles. I cannot believe how much Owen has changed!!! He is like a different baby since I last saw him a few weeks ago - now he is holding his head up, smiling ALOT (still screaming alot too!), and looking more like a big baby boy than a newborn. Of course, Virginia is as sweet and as active as ever...
We spent Friday night together at the Lee's house - Auntie M and Uncle T-Tom were very excited to have so many babies in their house! Saturday we played at the park (Virginia is a monkey), had a long lunch and watched the LSU game (Geaux Tigers!). Saturday night Seth and I went to a friend's wedding, (actually a blessing of vows) and then reception where we had a great time! It was really nice to hang out and have drinks with our friends (and not worry about our baby boy).
Today we went to Mass, then met Em and the kids (and Jenny and James) for lunch at Piccadilly. After lunch, Em and the kids came back to our house so that Virginia could swim before they go home tomorrow morning. Uncle "Sef" (Seth) was the only taker with Virginia and the pool...they both shivered while Virginia jumped off the diving board (only after Gracie demonstrated that it was indeed safe) then ran around the pool to do it again..and again...

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