Monday, September 7, 2009

Where are we going? Galveston!

Benjamin playing with the penguins

Seth has been planning a surprise trip for me and Benjamin for the past week or so...He told me to wear shorts and tennis shoes (and that's it!) and promised we would be home in time for the LSU game (Geaux Tigers!). I thought and thought about the, hiking somewhere in Texas, the zoo?? Bright and early Saturday morning we left Lake Charles and headed west. We drove and drove (and Ben did NOT nap) - finally, we took an exit that said Galveston!! I was very excited! We were to spend the day walking on the Strand and going to Moody Gardens.

Daddy and Benjamin in the rainforest
Mommy and Benjamin looking at turtles
Ben in the car on the ferry - excited about this trip!
Our family on the ferry, feeding the birds

We had lunch at a cool place on the strand, (and ran into many Tiger fans) then did a little shopping. Ben took a nap while Seth and I went to an old-fashioned soda shoppe and enjoyed an ice cream and a Dr. Pepper. Then we took off toward Moody Gardens.
At Moody Gardens we went into the Rainforest and the Aquarium pyramid. Ben seemed to really enjoy himself...he was wide eyed the whole time. He had a small scare when a seal came directly at him (playing with him), but he recovered quickly. He LOVED the penguins and the clown fish!! Finally, when he was well worn out from a long, exciting day (with no afternoon nap) we made it to the tunnel with the sharks. Ben was tired, but I am sure he enjoyed it...We made it home about 45 minutes before the game...Ben went to bed, Seth soon followed, and the Tigers won! What a great ending to a super day!

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  1. hi! looks like a super summer! love ya'll!