Friday, February 17, 2012

Mardi Gras 2012

We are having so much fun this Mardi Gras season already...and it's only Friday! Last weekend we met some friends at a parade was freezing! Mary Elizabeth and Benjamin both loved the loud music and the bands!
Last night we went to the Muses Parade. My friend Adrienne was on one of the floats this year! Seth, Benjamin and I had sooo much fun!
family shot
my wonderful catch!!

Mary Elizabeth enjoying the parade with her Daddy
my pics are a little out of order...this is from last night (Thursday) getting ready for the Muses parade.
Me, Adrienne and Colette, and Mary Elizabeth snuggling to stay warm.
Mary Elizabeth took a great nap (of course, cause I was holding her!) during the end of the parade. She rode the entire way back to the car asleep in her stroller.
Today (Friday) Benjamin's school went to a parade at St. Catherine of Sienna (school 3 blocks away). ME and I got to go and help chaperone. Wow! I think those kids in their "wagons" threw more than Muses did last night!!

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