Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Girl's 1st Birthday Party

This weekend we celebrated Mary Elizabeth's first birthday. We had a wonderful party with our family and friends.

This is ME on her actual birthday with her petit four
Mary Elizabeth's pink pinwheel party!!

Nana enjoying some snuggle time with Owen
Uncle Mark and ME
Sarah and Leighton
It was so nice to have my Paw-Paw come to the party...we didn't get to see him at Christmas, and I was missing him!

Mary Elizabeth (and the other kids) had sooo much fun swinging outside! She laughed and laughed - the higher, the better
Owen also likes to live on the edge...jumping off of the porch
Benjamin was very serious about blowing this pinwheel...he sat there in his own world for at least 2 or 3 minutes blowing and blowing. It was very funny!
time to sing Happy Birthday

playing in the cake...with a little help from Mommy, Daddy and even Aunt Emily
Benjamin eating a cupcake
Mommy and Mary Elizabeth having a snuggle...this is her second outfit since her first white one was covered in PINK icing (and surprisingly, it all came out in the wash!)
Aunt Scotty and ME
Mary Elizabeth, ready to open presents
playing with balloons
Daddy getting a little love from his baby girl
Ashton and Miller
Isabel, Laurel and Benjamin
Nana and Mary Elizabeth playing with one of her presents.
We have been soo blessed with Mary Elizabeth, our sweet baby girl. She is extremely strong-willed, laid-back (when she wants to be); she has a great sense of humor (she thinks it is hilarious when I fuss Benjamin for anything), is happy and in love with her Mommy, Daddy and big brother. Praise God for trusting us with this special little girl.
We love you Mary 'Lizbeth (as Ben would say)!!! Happy Birthday!

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  1. What a fantastic post! How I've missed them! And y'all. ME looks precious and your pics are just great.