Friday, January 28, 2011

Moving to the Big Easy

We are officially New Orleans residents!! We moved exactly 7 days after Mary Elizabeth was born, and it was definitely an adventure. Seth and some friends moved all of our furniture out a few days before, and the plan was to stay a few more nights at our house with just a few essential items. The plan did not work, so we relied on friends and family our last two nights in LC. We made it to NO in a little over 4 hours (not bad, considering we stopped twice to feed ME), and my sister and J and the kids were there to welcome us to our new home. I am very excited about this new chapter in our lives...and a little nervous. I will (and already do) miss all of our wonderful friends and family in Lake Charles. Thanks to everyone for helping us with the move!

I want to get your opinion/ideas about a new name for our blog...we are no longer on 7th street, so we need to come up with something new. Please leave a comment with your ideas - can't wait to hear them!
Benjamin in the moving truck
walking the "plank"
Mary Elizabeth on moving day


  1. (I love Kate's title!)

    Little People - Big Easy

    Little Moments in the Big Easy

    Little Momma in the Big Easy

    I Wish We Lived Back in Lake Charles

    *** C'mon Kaela --- I'll bet you've got some winners!

    (P.S. - You can tell Seth that Gianna has not stopped talking about him. I think she regrets acting shy toward him last time we saw you guys! She told me tonight during prayers, "Don't worry, Mommy - they're coming back!" *sniff*

  2. Just a few...

    Lola in Nola
    Washington Square
    4th ward (because you're a family of four)
    Krewe de Washington
    Having a ball
    Washington's Court
    Creole crazy
    Days in Dixie
    Uptown Girls (and two boys and a yellow dog)
    Washingtons on the west bank
     Washington Parish

    I guess it might literally matter what part of town you reside in
    Don't me your new address!

  3. This is fun... A couple more...

    Mothering on the Mississippi
    Down in Delta