Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stuck Inside

I have been without a car for 6 weekdays now (we had trouble on the way home from New Orleans last Monday) and I am over it...I am tired of being stuck at home with Benjamin. There is nothing wrong with staying home (even though Ben and I have always been on the go), but there is something very depressing about not having a choice about staying home. Ben and I have been creative - we have walked and walked in our neighborhood, played with Gracie continuously, rode in our car, had a few visits fro friends, walked a LONG way to the park and back...and I am out of ideas. It is too cold to go outside today, so we are stuck. Poor Ben goes to the front door, points outside, I say, "we can't go outside, it is too cold", and then he proceeds to pitch a small fit and cry -- then an hour later, replay. Please oh please fix my car today!

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