Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sew Done

I have been sewing alot lately...and pretty much the only thing I can do is a straight line; so I took my one skill and started making burp cloths (they are sew easy!). It seems as if everyone I know is having a baby right now (or in the last few months), so I have been busy, busy! I am in the final stretch this week - finishing up on some cloths for a friend who is having twins (one boy, one girl) and some t-shirts (I usually do the letter of the kid's first name), when I get a wild hair....why not make a tutu? I know that my sister has made one and so has Kales, so why can't I? We have a birthday party this weekend for a 2 year old little girl, so I decided to make an LSU tutu. It was surprisingly easier than I thought!! Although there are some things I will tweak for next time, I think it turned out very cute. Here are some pics of my hard work these past few weeks...and after I am finished with two more burp cloths, I am sew least for a while.


  1. SEEEEEW Cute! Where do you go fabric shopping??? Take me with you next time. Your tutu is great! Good Job!

  2. Aren't you something?! I love the band on the tutu. That's a great idea. Your fabric is awesome.